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Brand Ambassador Project

It was born out of a company need to be able to communicate its corporate values, no longer in self-referential way, but through "ambassadors", protagonists of the market, with a consolidated relationship with the company in a community of intent for a new vision of the future.

Raul Juan Casado Rojas

Luogo: Spagna

For the Spanish market the Alivar Brand Ambassador is Raúl Casado. The architect and designer Raúl Casado from a family of artisans cabinetmakers.

Alessandro Corina

Luogo: Italia

For the Italian market the Alivar Brand Ambassador is Alessandro Corina. Very young Designer, with a refined vision linked to own creativity.

Durante sofa | Alivar


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DURANTE innovative sofa represents an evolution in the concept of comfort and functionality within contemporary living spaces. Its distinctive feature is the swivel end element, which adds a level of versatility and practicality to the sofa's already flexible modular design. The rotating end element allows users to adjust the orientation of the seat according to their needs and preferences.


The A Club: this is what our future business is based on. Loyal commercial relationships with an "elite" of operators. Through a network of selective players, The A Club will offer the market the result of an industrial process that expert hands and ancient traditions manage to make exclusive, unique and customized.

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