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Durante sofa | Alivar


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DURANTE innovative sofa represents an evolution in the concept of comfort and functionality within contemporary living spaces. Its distinctive feature is the swivel end element, which adds a level of versatility and practicality to the sofa's already flexible modular design. The rotating end element allows users to adjust the orientation of the seat according to their needs and preferences.

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Location: Private residence
Place: Pavia
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A return to essential forms and precious materials, to furnish spaces with unique style.

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Location: Cave di Zovencedo
Luogo: Vicenza
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A photographic service to be discovered ... A beautiful quarry between past and future, a magical place in which to lose yourself and dream.

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Location: Botanic Garden
Place: Padova
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A place where architecture protects luxuriant, rare and unblemished nature.

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Location: Villa Seicentesca
Place: Como
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The seventeenth-century Villa overlooks the first basin of Lake Como.

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Location: Labirinto della Masone
Place: Parma
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A unique, characterful location to epitomise the rarest beauty and spark emotions.

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