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Italian Design Culture


Horizon sofa | Alivar

Italian excellence

The certified quality of Alivar’s italian design solutions, all traditionally-made using top-quality materials, becomes the focal point of furnishings where style is an experience to be explored. A collection born from formal creativity and sensibility for materials and a journey into the beauty of contemporary spaces. Home design where each detail is unique and where each item is a point of interest to be cherished and enjoyed.

Day Collection

The elements dedicated to the living area are furnishing solutions that are inspired by everyday life and naturally interpret the uniqueness of each environment with an extreme search for refined details, quality of materials, high technology combined with the quality of the craftsmanship dimension.

Night Collection

The bed as a permanent center of gravity, as a place to rediscover the warmth of home and your own certainties. Refined details define the night area in a balanced dialogue of shapes and materials.

Alivar Highlights

Discover Bombay

“A piece of furniture with exotic charm, wild at heart and rigorous in form.
The hide cladding, the handles with the same finish, the tailored stitching and
the functional yet decorative clip to fasten the piece make it an accessory
that brings style to every corner of the home.


Giuseppe Bavuso

Giuseppe Bavuso is an architect and designer who lives and works in Seregno, located in the North of Milan. His projects are characterized by the combination of minimalistic rigour and accurate technical research thanks to the use of technological and innovative materials.

Italian excellence

An Alivar piece of furniture embodies the history of a family, the wealth of a territory, the sartorial care of local craftsmen. An Alivar piece of furniture represents Italy to the rest of the world. Ever since our focus has been to create timeless creations and to export superior beauty everywhere.

Focus On

Alivar reel

Aware of our quality, we are committed to making you perceive every detail of our products. Discover the new videos, and follow us on Youtube.

Project, Ukraine

The villa, growing in space, represented for us creating an internal space in which a person is given a special freedom of movement and spatial experience.

Swing | Alivar


A photographic service to be discovered … A beautiful quarry between past and future, a magical place in which to lose yourself and dream.

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