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Residential villa, Ukraine. Kiev

Villa residencial, Ucrania. Kiev
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Residential villa, Ukraine. Kiev

Our new project - Zero Gravity
This is the interior of the house we designed. The villa, growing in space, represented for us creating an internal space in which a person is given a special freedom of movement and spatial experience. Here we consider the sensory experience of human interaction with light, materials, and the atmosphere. If we are talking about home, the convertible qualities are space, natural light, as well as personalization, an individual approach. The colors in the interior are delicate, unobtrusive, leaving room for light and textures.
Particular attention is paid to details with a clear drawing, balance between rounded forms and rational lines. We believe that the general style of the house should be maintained, but the mood, tactile sensations and atmosphere in each room are personalized in detail for their owners and for the function they carry.
Sensory perception of space -through light, color, tactility, sensations, experiences -that's what matters.
The living, dining room, kitchen and one of the bedrooms have free access to the lawn, pool and terrace, which is decorated with a water installation. There are no unnecessary rooms so you can live the entire space everyday. Earth, water, fire, air and the quintessence of all elements -the atmosphere.

Master Bedroom with :
Bed – Bali,
Sideboard – Side,
Bedside tables – Meridien,
Lounge chair – Flexa,
Wardrobe with:
Pouf – Swing
Office with:
Sideboard – Side Up

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