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Residential villa, Mumbai, india

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Residential villa, Mumbai, India

"ALIVAR furnished this luxury show apartment in Asia in a way that shows Alivar off as an excellent manufacturer and epitomises its exclusive luxury furniture.
An artistic marvel designed by a worldwide renowned architect, this project is one of the largest residential complex in Asia. With unmatched luxury furniture and style offered by this residential project, this flat is the dream everyone has always desired for. Blending both new and classic designs, the apartment’s color palette is neutral focused. With LAND sofas and CAROL armchairs, the living room offers an inviting seating area to entertain or enjoy alone. In the dining room, the LIUTO table and DENISE chairs create a striking combination and the design is enhanced by the lightness of the glass top. The bedrooms, with MAYA and OASI beds, are warm, layered and comfortable spaces, featuring an elegant style but with a contemporary flair"