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Day Collection


Small or large islands of comfort to enjoy after a hard day.


The search for personal time, the rediscovery of a good read, the pleasure of an interesting conversation, the wait for something or someone about to arrive.



“Please, take a seat in style”: in their individuality and as an ensemble, the chairs invite to conviviality with courtesy and to receive guests with innate elegance.


Leaving to return, losing your way in space and then finding yourself again in your own spaces: the table is the starting point and the final destination of every journey made or dreamt of.


They came from the past to furnish the present, with a wealth of stories to tell and functionality to reinterpret.


Books are faithful travel companions that carry far while staying close. They allow the mind and dreams to travel, which is why they deserve a special place where they can always feel welcomed and protected.

Coffee / side tables

The journey in Alivar style continues while sipping a good coffee, comfortably seated on the sofa or on an armchair.

Day systems

Habits and lifestyles have changed and with them, the houses we live in. Living areas don’t just house furniture; they feature modular systems that practically dress them. Sofas designed to be an “island of comfort” are increasingly coordinated with accessories and systems for containing the latest-generation home-entertainment devices.