19-11-2010 Posted by Chiara
"TWIST totem"
Twist, like a real totem pole, has a long silhouette made of stackable elements. This blend of aesthetics and form is characterised by its versatility, making it suitable as a night-stand, pouf in the version with a cushion, or as a mini-bookcase. A "futuristic” solution capable of changing its own image to suit its function. A chameleon-like furnishing accessory ideal for any space – whether residential or public/contract, capable of granting modernity, a touch of glamour, and sophistication to any interior. The structure is in LG HI-MACS acrylic stone and available in four colour variations, while inner shelves are in plate glass. The elements, with their irregular cubic form, lend an air of movement. Twist is a design solution that offers a modern and original style.
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