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Av. Du President Wilson

Parigi | 2015

A stunning luxury apartment in the hearth of Paris that looks like a movie set. The amazing view on the Eiffel Tower has inspired Gérard Faivre, the creator of the “Art Homes”concept.Inspired by single details of this Parisian symbol, Gérard Faivre decorated the apartment withAlivar pieces to create an evocative yet contemporary space, featuring DIESYS bookcase, madeof steel as the tower, LAND sofas, PADY armchairs, TGONG coffee tables, MAYA bed, whichperfectly match with their colours and materials.

This is the epitome of indoor living, the perfect atmosphere made of comfort and luxury.ALIVAR has been selected to furnish the complete apartment for all living, dining and sleepingareas to create the kind of space you want to live in.