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Pietro Arosio

Pietro Arosio was born at Lissone near Milan on 20th March 1946 After gaining a high-school diploma from the institute of applied arts in Monza, he obtained his professional grounding in the R&D centre of AF&F, a company specialising in the production of metal furniture for public buildings and areas.This work experience enabled Pietro Arosio to build up his own possible design philosophy, to be pursued over time as an industrial designer. He began his independent career in 1972 and started to make an effective contribution to fitted kitchen design in 1978: the quality of his work was recognised when he won the Casaviva d’Oro first prize in 1983. The simple shape of the objects he creates, his constant experimentation with new materials and applicable technologies, and the meticulous definition of every detail right from the design stage with producer companies’ engineering departments, are fundamental to Pietro Arosio’s work, although he does not detract from the product’s emotional content and in some cases he has worked with artists of international fame, including Nespolo, Del Pezzo, Hsiao Chin, Tilson, Rotella and Keizo, to give mass-produced products true artistic value. Some of his works have been exhibited at London’s Victoria and Albert Museum, and at the Die Sammlung museum of modern art in Munich.

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