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Bruno Rainaldi

Bruno Rainaldi has grown up on the field, starting at a very young age to work in the communication of design furniture.Ironically he called himself a “ Street designer” and his style “chaotically strict”.He is in charge of the first High-Tech in Corso di Porta Ticino , Milan. He supports Maddalena De Padova in the historic showroom at Corso Venezia and hereafter Henry Baleri as a member of the Baleri & Associates for the definition of communication strategies for companies and retail design. Founds Rare Studio of which he is the soul and the creative director - and starts his first collaboration as an art director / designer with several design firms Italian as Alivar, MDF, Mussi Italy, Sintesi followed by Terzani, Slamp, Casprini, Annibale Colombo, Bilumen, Davide Medri , Dilmos and Opinion Ciatti. His deep market knowledge, his passion for the figurative arts and valuable talent for transversal associations developed over the years, connects Bruno Rainaldi’s professional competence definitely to the world design . Eclectic, interesting, provocative and visionary, open to contamination, a lover of contrasts and of all things - objects and not - that transmit energy, Bruno Rainaldi has designed libraries, tables, chairs, sofas, armchairs, beds, accessories and lighting. An intense and iconic universe of objects that do not reflect a stylistic coherence, but rather the true sense of industrial design to produce just the right items to use.If anything unites them it is the simplicity of design, freedom of use, versatility of composition.Of all his projects, a special mention goes to PTOLOMEO Library, winner of the Golden Compass 2004.