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Arter & Citton

Alberto Werner Arter received his degree from the Venice University, Institute of Architecture in 1969.He has collaborated with the Laboratory of Arts and Costumes of Palazzo Grassi in Venice, developing his studies in the connection between architecture and photography.Afterwards he carried out for many years the position of professional architect and designer between Venice and Geneva. He contributes to numerous projects, including the office buildings and underground parking of Dupont-Nemour on the Geneva Lake.In 1971 he was selected at a competition of the Federal Government for project tasks.In 1975 he founded in Venice the work team ARTERCOM that is involved in the relationship between design and distribution.During this time he collaborated as a consultant and art-director of Department Store Companies.In 1990 he founded Studio Arter & Citton with Fabrizio Citton promoting the creation of the Laboratory D.MOD for Design and Contemporary Art. 

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