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Alivar is always on the look-out for important materials which never fail to amaze and inspire design.These fine materials in the Florentine tradition over time become even more valuable and beautiful, making each Alivar product unique and special.
Fine Tuscan woodworking and nature come together to create beautifully modern furniture with high quality finishes. Alivar satisfies precise technical and aesthetic objectives to combine strength and elegance and stimulate your senses through their fresh vision of Italian style. Drawn from nature, the timeless beauty of stone features unique, one-off textures and veins.The quality and resistance of stainless steel produces outstanding products and the lightness and workability of aluminium adorns structures and details. 
Alivar woods are carefully selected from traditional and more original sources. All the woods are used in an environmentally-sustainable manner. At Alivar, tailored stitching is used on natural hides to provide perfect bonding and exceptional comfort. Leather, hand-worked in the traditional Florentine fashion,exudes a sense of nature and produces a warm feeling of comfort.